A/C Service & Repair

A/C Service & Repair in Plymouth, MA

A/C Service & Repair

Ford A/C Service and Repair in Plymouth, MA

Whether you drive a Ford F-150, a Ford Explorer, a Ford EcoSport, or any of the other amazing models put out by Ford, your vehicle is designed to keep you comfortable -- and the air conditioning system plays a large role in this. Your A/C may need to be serviced or repaired occasionally; when that time comes, we invite you to head to Colonial Ford of Plymouth near Kingston, Massachusetts! We'll be happy to perform whatever A/C services your Ford needs here in our state-of-the-art service center; find out more here before scheduling your service appointment at Colonial Ford of Plymouth.

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Ford A/C Services Near Duxbury, MA at Colonial Ford of Plymouth

  • Refrigerant Recharge: Refrigerant plays a vital role in the functioning of your vehicle's air conditioning, so low refrigerant levels are a problem. When we recharge your refrigerant, we will drain the old refrigerant and check the system for leaks. We will then refill your A/C system with the correct amount of new refrigerant.
  • A/C Component Service: The refrigerant travels through a number of other parts in your vehicle's A/C system, including hoses, a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. If any of these parts have become damaged, clogged, or worn, we can repair or replace them at Colonial Ford of Plymouth.
  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement: This is the most frequently needed A/C service; it's also the quickest and easiest! The cabin air filter is what keeps outside contaminants from entering your cabin, and it will become clogged as time goes by. This decreases airflow into your vehicle and can even make your cabin smell bad. A quick replacement with a new filter can get your A/C back up to normal in no time.

Choose Colonial Ford of Plymouth for A/C Service Near Carver, MA

Whatever type of A/C service your Ford needs, you can trust the pros at Colonial Ford of Plymouth. We use Genuine Ford and Motorcraft® parts and fluids when we perform any service, which means that your Ford will be able to stay in great shape. Our services are high in quality while still being competitively priced, and we even offer service coupons that can help you save even more!

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When your Ford needs A/C service, hop over to our online scheduling tool or call our service center to make an appointment. Then, head to Colonial Ford of Plymouth! We look forward to seeing you.


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When you want to make sure that your Ford gets the service it deserves, make an appointment at Colonial Ford of Plymouth! You can use our online tool or give us a call to schedule your service appointment with us. Hang out in our comfortable waiting area or use our complimentary Uber/Lyft services!

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